1. Fashion Illustrations based on already existing designs…

    Dress designed by Lena Hoscheck for the 2014 Fashion Week in Berlin (top)

    Fashion design from a shot of The Singapore Santorial Mafia at the Milan & Paris Menswear Show by Grazia Italia (bottom)

  2. Greeting card/E-card design

  3. This was my first animated illustration for the Motion for Illustrators course. The idea behind this project was to illustrate a 2 panel comic representing Night and Day.

  4. I sent three of my best prints to Puerto Rico to be framed and prepared for the exhibition “Él, Albizu” at Casa Escuté, Carolina, PR.

    And during this past Winter Break I finally went there. My work was being exhibited beside works done by talented local artists.

    It was a great experience. A little taste of what could be of my career.

  5. A few months later I started working on this piece in my printmaking class. Our first project was to work on a wood block relief, so I decided to kill two birds with one shot and make a simple portrait/caricature. I thought about how most portraits done about him are always representing his rebel and patriotic side instead of his more calm and mundane side that many of his followers and people that knew him talk about.

  6. Almost half a year ago, I was commissioned to do an illustration for a collective exhibition dedicated to Pedro Albizu Campo (1891-1965), who was a revolutionary figure and a leader for the independence party in Puerto Rico. This is a man who graduated from law school and fought for the rights of independence of his people anyway he could.

  7. First try at Colograph!